The Beginning of Crazy Cord Covers

IMG_5166My name is Lisa Lake-Maiorana. I live in New Jersey with my 2 Children.  We all have cell phones, computers and other tech necessities of today.  My daughter and I were constantly arguing over whose cord is whose.  I was determined to do something about this ongoing problem. So,  I grabbed a bandanna and cut it up, and made a cord cover.  Not just a cord cover.  A cord identifier!  I knew this was exactly what we needed to figure out Whose cord was whose.  I showed my friend the 2 cord covers I made and said “now I can tell which cord is mine from across the room”  His eyes lit up and he said “I like it!”  “Everyone needs one of these!”

I hope you love your Crazy Cord Cover.  They are fun, stylish and easy to remove.  You can change your Crazy Cord Cover to match the season, your outfit, or your style.  Keep checking into to see our latest designs.  Grab them quick. When a style is gone, it could be gone forever.  I have so many new and exciting styles I can’t wait to share!

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